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Brooklyn - NY - USA

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The Yakov Khafizov -- photographer professional concerning

with photography weddings, Bar мitzva, Brit mila  and

any other memorable triumphin region NEW YORK.

But in the same way Photo removal on house and restoration photography


-Zags. - Oroduction wedding photography 
- Removal wedding walk.
- Reportazhnaya removal of the whole wedding day.
- The Male portrait. - The Feminine portrait 
- Household photo. - Baby portret. - Bar/baht мицва. 
- Jubilee and Birth day

You get: 30 processed photography, unsealled by

format 15х21cm
Rest passed correction, are saved on DVD disks
That is to say, got disk, You immediately can load liked You photographies in Internet and send the friends and relative on e-mail.

Cost removal: hour-to-hour contractual

Мои фото и видео съемки свадеб, юбилеев, бар мицва, брит мила и др торжеств

My photo of the removal weddings , jubilee, bar mithva, brit milla and others triumph

About us

Yakov Khafizov,
wedding  photographer


Yakov Khafizov

5520   15 th Ave, 65 art
11219  Brooklyn   NY

Тел.:   (718) 772 8242 

Факс: (917) 783 8508

E-mail: yakovstudiousa@gmail.com

Напишите нам,​ ​​ и мы бесплатно рассчитаем для вас затраты и обсудим организацию фото съемки вашего праздника!

Write us, and we shall gratis calculate for you expenseses and shall discuss the organization a photo removals of your holiday!


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